Hôtel Le Chantecler - Sainte-Adèle, Quebec, J8B 1A2, Canada
  • Hôtel Le Chantecler - Facade extérieure

When it first opened on the banks of Sainte-Adèle’s Lac Rond in 1938, Hôtel Le Chantecler was a cozy little 45-room inn in the middle of the wilderness. Over time, it grew to become a true world-class resort and convention centre. Today, the hotel offers 137 rooms and suites, 17 meeting rooms and an enchanting site with dedicated and welcoming employees.

Guests visit our establishment for its relaxing atmosphere and the hotel’s high-calibre sports activities. The Chantecler is proud to be one of Tourisme Québec’s best-known sites in Quebec. Over the years since 1938, Hôtel Le Chantecler has changed significantly, without losing an iota of its charm.